friendsfavz Web Show, The Refinery Salon

friendsfavz Web Show, The Refinery Salon

Hi friends,

Have you ever wondered how to style a bump without teasing your hair? Or how to create a really awesome ponytail that looks elegant and modern?

On this episode of friendsfavz, Elizabeth Muench and Sarah Sewalelot from The Refinery Salon teach us how to create this sixties inspired look.

I met Sarah and Elizabeth and visited their salon after I posted on Facebook that I was looking for a new stylist. My friend, Cindy, came to my rescue and told me about this wonderful new salon she was going to, The Refinery Salon. I told her that I had a hair disaster at another salon and needed some major help to fix my color and style. She raved about how wonderful Sarah and Elizabeth are and said they would easily be able to get me back to my color and style. I decided to trust my friend, so I made an appointment and visited them in the quaint little town of Edmonds. I was so thrilled when I walked out with shiny, healthy hair that was “my color” and most of all feeling beautiful again.

Come join me as Elizabeth teaches us how to create this fabulous look with some new hair products and styling tools.

What styles would you like to see featured on friendsfavz? I love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment below.

Come feel beautiful with us here at friendsfavz!  Karen

A Special Thank you to Sarah and Elizabeth for styling my hair for our first filming of friendsfavz web show!

You can connect with Elizabeth and Sarah:

Book appointments with  The Refinery Salon:

The Refinery Salon on Facebook

The Refinery Salon on twitter

Alexandria Nicole Cellars – host site and guest on episode 1 of friendsfavz

2Fore Pictures with Shawn D. Ross filming

friendsfavz Web Show with Stephanie Richter, Episode 3

friendsfavz Web Show with Stephanie Richter, Episode 3

Hi Girlfriends!

Have you ever wandered up to a cosmetic counter and wondered what colors are best for you. You stand there thinking, I just want help choosing some colors. Then the cosmetic gal shows you current colors but none that would look good on you?

I have my own personal beauty consultant, Stephanie Richter. She has been an image and beauty consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics for 24 years. I love it when she shows me colors that are great on me and not just what is popular at the moment. I am not exclusive to one cosmetic company but I must say I do love being spoiled by Stephanie.

On this episode, Stephanie shares some beauty tips and her “Lips and Sips Bar” with us. At our live filming, all the girls in the audience got to try on lip colors at her Lip Bar throughout the night. Listen in as Stephanie talks about hot new lip colors! I will be sharing some of my favorites with you too.

I hope you will join us at a live filming and be a part of our audience. We taste wine, talk about things girls love and have a little chocolate too! What more could a girl ask for?

Look for our next episode as we meet Elizabeth and Sarah from The Refinery Salon in Edmonds and they give us some tips on “Sixties Inspired Hair Styles”.

A special thanks to:

Shawn D. Ross and 2Fore Pictures for filming!

Alexandria Nicole Cellars for hosting.

Come feel beautiful with us! See you next time on friendsfavz, Karen 

friendsfavz Web Show, Laurie London -Episode 2

friendsfavz Web Show, Laurie London -Episode 2

I would like to introduce you to my good friend Laurie London who is a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of paranormal romance.  Her Sweetblood series is about dark, sexy vampires which is set here in the Northwest.  While paranormal romance is a new genre for me, I feel like I am entering a whole new world when I read Laurie’s books. I am captivated by her storytelling and the interesting characters, especially the smoking hot male characters. Yes, these books are a little hot and steamy!

I hope you enjoy listening in as she gives us a little glimpse into the world of the assassin warriors in her Iron Portal Series and that you have a chance to read Laurie’s books.

I would love to hear what are your favorite books or genre, so make sure to leave a comment below.

You can find more on Laurie and her books at:



A special thanks to:

Alexandria Nicole Cellars for hosting our filming of friendsfavz

2Fore Pictures and Shawn D. Ross for filming

friendsfavz – Web Show, Episode 1

friendsfavz – Web Show, Episode 1
Interview with Alexandria Nicole Cellars

Welcome to the first episode of friendsfavz web show! I would like to invite you to join me as I visit with Kristine Bono from  Alexandria Nicole Cellars.

Kristine is the event coordinator for Alexandria Nicole Cellars’ fabulous tasting room located in Woodinville, Washington. We had the privilege to visit their exclusive wine club room and sip the Quarry Butte and the Jet Black Syrah, my personal favorite that I share with all my friends.  Alexandria Nicole Cellars has hand-crafted wines from their Destiny Ridge Estate Vineyards in Eastern Washington. I hope you will sip a glass of Jet Black Syrah with some friends and enjoy our first episode!

Cheers! Karen

Filming Location: Thank you to Alexandria Nicole Cellars for hosting our first episode. Your staff graciously welcomed all of our friends who came to participate in the first filming.

Friends, make sure you say hello to Kristine, Cara and the rest of the staff at Alexandria Nicole Cellars and tell them you heard about their fabulous wine from friendsfavz.


Image A huge Thank You to Shawn Ross at 2Fore Pictures for filming our first show! Make sure you contact him for all your filming needs.




Thanks for watching! Be sure to share this episode with all your friends and look for us every Thursday with new guests and more favorites. Coming up next:

Episode 2 – NY Times and USA Today bestselling paranormal romance author Laurie London

Look for our next  filming event and join the audience as we bring some special guests and favorites to share with you.

We love to hear from you so leave a comment about what winery you would like to see featured.

friendsfavz, Web Show Preview

friendsfavz, Web Show Preview

Hi friends, I am so excited to share with you the first episode of friendsfavz, The Web Show, coming to you on September 4, 2014!

We had so much fun filming while our friends in the audience enjoyed sipping Alexandria Nicole wine and eating truffle popcorn!

Our first episode will feature Krisitine Bono from Alexandria Nicole Cellars in Woodinville Washington.

Here is a little preview of what is to come!,

The Web Show films live at various locations in Woodinville Wa. Check our calendar to see where and when we are filming next and join us for a girls night out!

Have a fabulous day and come feel beautiful with us! Karen

Karen’s Closet – Going to a Concert

Karen’s Closet – Going to a Concert


 Lady Gaga is in town and we are going to the concert! What is a girl to wear?

Hi friends! Join me as I explore fashion for ladies of a “more interesting age” as my sister-in-law, Stephanie, calls it. I love this season of life because I finally feel that I can have clothes that really define who I am.  I have gotten rid of the clothes that sit in my closet that I never wear and replaced them with clothes that make me feel beautiful!

We were invited to join a group of friends in a suite for the Lady Gaga concert here in Seattle. As with any event one of my first thoughts is: What am I going to wear? I had heard that many of the Lady Gaga fans come to the concert dressed in outfits inspired by the diva herself.  Seashell tops, angel wings and assorted creative  clothing is all the rage for the younger generation. Those sound fun and inspiring, however, I  think I will go for something fashionable but age appropriate. Let’s see what we can find to wear as I search my closet for something fun, with a little flair!

What do you like to wear to a concert and what are your favorite stores? Share with all of our friends in the comments below.

Come feel beautiful with us here at friendsfavz.! Karen

My favorite shops for concert clothes with a flair:

BCBG Max Azria Eliza Pink Sleeveless Cowl Back Top -now on sale

Sound Styles sheer top with Polka Dots and Swing Vest

Nordstroms Leith Zip Back Tank Dress from Savvy

Macy’s Jewelry

friendsfavz Makes Meatballs

friendsfavz Makes Meatballs
Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 9.18.06 PM

Making Mama Giacomina’s Meatballs with Laurie London

My friend Laurie and I had lots of laughs while filming the other day as we tested out a new recipe for meatballs, which came with an interesting story as well.

Laurie London is a NY Times and USA Today bestselling paranormal romance author. You can catch her on my new friendsfavz web show coming soon to You Tube and hear about  her latest book in the Iron Portal series. She loves vampire stories and has been watching a web series called Vampire Mob. Joe Wilson, the creator, decided after the loss of one of Marcia Wallace, the actress who played one of the main characters, to turn the show into a graphic novel to keep her character “alive”.  He is funding this project through Indie GoGo and you can hear the entire story of how this came about at Vampire Mob on Indie Go Go.

Laurie signed up to support the Vampire Mob graphic novel and one of the perks was a meatball recipe from Mama Giacomina. We decided it would be fun to film our experience making the meatballs and testing out the recipe. They were molto buona!

If you want the exact recipe you will have to check out the Vampire Mob Indie GoGo site!